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The Hebrew Roots Movement, by Rubén Gómez

The Hebrew Roots Movement (not to be confused with the Messianic movement) is the source of considerable controversy within Evangelical Christianity. Former KEDS student Rubén Gómez has written an excellent book on the issue (originally published in Spanish). KEDS is involved with the publication of this brand new much-needed new English edition.

From the back cover…

Are you bewildered by the growing influence of the Hebrew Roots Movement on social media and its bold claims against traditional Christianity? Do you want to know the truth about its origins, teachings, and biblical interpretations? Look no further.

The Hebrew Roots Movement tackles some of the most pressing questions and challenges posed by these loosely connected groups that urge Christians everywhere to leave behind their so-called human traditions and embrace a Torah-observant life.

Are the roots of the Christian Church pagan? What does “Hebrew roots” mean anyway? Do non-Jewish believers in Jesus descend from the “lost tribes” of Israel? Should Jews and non-Jews alike keep the law of Moses? Is there a biblical distinction between Jews and Gentiles? Where do Messianic Jews fit in? Discover the answers to these questions and more in this must-read book.

The Hebrew Roots Movement, A critical analysis of its origins, teachings & biblical interpretations

“Gómez offers what is, to my knowledge, the first systematic presentation of the Hebrew Roots Movement, and he does so with great facility. His arguments are precise and substantial; his tone is at once academic and accessible.”

— R. L. SOLBERG, author of Torahism.

“The author presents his well-argued case objectively, allowing the evidence to speak for itself and avoiding pejorative overtones. This is an essential read for anyone seeking information on or dealing with this particular movement.”

— CALVIN L. SMITH, Ph.D., principal of King’s Evangelical Divinity School.

About the Author

Rubén Gómez (Spain, 1961) is a pastor, translator of academic books, writer, and professor. He earned his MA in Theology from the University of Chester (UK) after pursuing biblical and theological studies at different British institutions (Regents Theological College, University of London, and King’s Evangelical Divinity School).

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