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Certificate/Diploma in Jewish-Christian Studies

Certificate in Jewish-Christian Studies Modules

This Certificate stage covers a wide range of areas and topics drawing upon tutors and resources from across the Jewish-Christian spectrum. The KEDS Certificate in Jewish-Christian Studies consists of six core modules:

  • JCS1 Israel, the Church, the Bible and Theology
  • JCS2 Israel, the Church and Biblical Interpretation
  • JCS3 Israel, the Church and History
  • JCS4 Israel, the Church and the Gospel
  • JCS5 Israel, the Church and Ecclesiology
  • JCS6 Israel, the Church, Politics and the Land
View across Jerusalem hill eastward towards the Mediterranean Sea
Diploma in Jewish-Christian Studies Modules

The KEDS Diploma in Jewish-Christian Studies requires completion of all six Certificate modules detailed above, together with three additional extended modules:

Note that students can exit early with a Certificate award if they wish and do not have to commit to the Diploma stage.

Tuition Fees

All applicants pay an application fee of 35 GBP when initially submitting their application for admission.

CERTIFICATE STAGE: The fee for each Certificate module is 49 GBP (total 294 GBP for all six modules). Students can purchase individual modules as and when needed. However, paying for all six modules in advance secures a 20% discount (overall fee 235 GBP instead of 294 GBP).

DIPLOMA STAGE: The fee for each Diploma module is 99 GBP (total 297 GBP). If paying for all three modules in advance the total fee is reduced to 240 GBP.

For couples studying together fees are reduced slightly. Email the school office for details.

Because KEDS pays fees to third parties for some services, note that once paid tuition fees are non-refundable, so only pay for modules you know you will complete. Also note that there are two required books for the programme (available in both paperback and Kindle ebook formats), so students should also budget an additional £20-25 GBP overall for these.

Detailed Programme Specification

Download the Certificate and Diploma programme specification with details of syllabus and regulations

Frequently-Asked Questions

How is the programme delivered?

Who are the tutors?

Will I have access to a tutor?

Are there any exams?

How long does it take to complete each module?

What are the module time limits and overall minimum and maximum registration periods?

What are the academic entrance requirements?

I’m still not sure if this is the course for me. Can I speak with someone before applying?

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