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Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

The Jewish-Christian Studies department at KEDS offers two modules in Biblical Hebrew (Introduction to Biblical Hebrew 1 and 2).

These studies are suitable for both complete beginners and anyone who has previously engaged with Biblical Hebrew and now seeking a more structured approach to the language. These studies are also suitable for those wanting a refresher course. The modules are delivered online through the KEDS eCampus and there are no physical attendance requirements.

Aims of Introduction to Biblical Hebrew 1 and 2
  • To provide students with an introduction to the Biblical Hebrew language
  • To give students basic skills needed for the exegesis of the Hebrew Old Testament
  • To enable students to understand and make use of technical commentaries on the Old Testament
  • To provide a foundation for the further study of Old Testament texts in Hebrew
  • To continue with studies in Hebrew grammar already covered in Biblical Hebrew 1
Course Delivery

Students are given access to the course materials through the KEDS eCampus. All studies are completed online. Students work through a range of audio recordings, a workbook and other resources provided by the study programme. Assessments consist of translation exercises and exegetical comment submitted at the end of each module. There are no examinations. A specialist tutor will provide detailed feedback and a final mark. Each module can be comfortably completed in six months but students are permitted additional time if necessary. Students completing Biblical Hebrew module(s) receive a KEDS certificate. There is no requirement to commit to both modules and a certificate is issued for each successfully-completed module.


The fee for each Biblical Hebrew modules is 99 GBP. All materials are provided although students may wish to purchase additional language tools. There is also a 35 GBP application fee when first applying for admission. Please note that because of arrangements with third parties for some materials, once paid fees are non-refundable.