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About Jewish-Christian Studies

Jewish-Christian Studies is a department of King’s Evangelical Divinity School (KEDS), United Kingdom, created primarily as a resource for the Church. It explores the relationship between the Church and Israel and advocates for positive relations between Christians, Jewish believers in Jesus and Israel more generally.


  • To emphasise and explore the Jewish origins of the Christian faith
  • To challenge supersessionism within the Church
  • To explore and foster the ongoing relationship between Gentile and Jewish believers in Jesus
  • To discuss and evaluate Christian responses to the modern State of Israel
  • To provide study programmes and publications to further these aims and purpose

Areas of Study

  • The Jewish origins of the Christian faith
  • Jewish-Christian hermeneutics
  • History of the Church and the Jewish people
  • Responding to supersessionism (replacement theology)
  • An accurate knowledge and understanding of the Middle East conflict
  • Relationships between the Church, Jewish believers in Jesus and the Jewish people
  • History, culture and geography of Israel
  • Biblical Hebrew

Studies in these areas are available through the KEDS Certificate and Diploma in Jewish-Christian Studies and the Biblical Hebrew programme.